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Why Join NEO AVA?

Keep current with the latest Vascular Access policies and procedures. Dues include membership and invitation to 3 meetings per year and one all day meeting every two years. $35 per year.  Membership allows you to attend the 3 meetings a year for free and gives a reduced rate for the all day meeting.

Who Should Join NEO AVA?

Membership is open to all professionals, nurses, physicians, pharmacists or anyone interested in vascular access services. Annual membership fee is $35.00.

How to Join NEO AVA?

Join on line. Just fill out this form to join:  Membership form
You can pay using PayPal or Check

Join AVA and Getting a $10 discount

NEO-AVA does not take the AVA application but that if you do join our local chapter (NEO-AVA) and AVA for the first time, just write NEO-AVA the Mailed application or if you join on line, write NEO-AVA on the promotional code area and they will receive a one time $10 off discount.

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